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About MM Women's Wellness

At MM Women's Wellness, we are dedicated to empowering women towards a better quality of life by honoring the sacred rites of passage throughout their lives, using post-modern wellness as a guide.


Our Leadership Team is passionate about helping women remember their power and redefine their future. We provide a range of services that cater to the unique needs of women, including leadership and wellness coaching, workshops, and retreats. Our goal is to flow between ancient wisdom and practical, evidence-based tools to create an environment conducive to wellness and growth.

"A rite of passage is a series of rituals designed to conduct an individual or group from one social state or status to another, thereby effecting transformations both in society's perceptions of the individual and in the individual's perception of self."  

      - Robbie Davis Floyd, PhD

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women towards a better quality of life through post-modern wellness practices that prioritize mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We believe seasonal living and community care are the foundational pieces of women's wellbeing.

Charis Gaston and Roxanne Johns | MM Women's Wellness leaders
Women of MM on a retreat in California

Our Vision

A Well Woman's World

We envision a world where women are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions, and where they have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. In this world, women are seen, heard, understood, and well.

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