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Mermaid Movement Certification

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Obtain the formula to our multi-modality movement medicine experience.

*Prerequisites required

MM Certification is a tool that you can use to support women, build community and promote healing in group spaces.



I’ve been gathering women in these spaces for almost a decade now. There’s something new to learn every. single. time. I’m committed to pouring into the women who are on the rise in 2024. I’m committed to certifying more women in this modality and moving it deeper across the country. I’m committed to building up the healers and the leaders and the medicine women. Committed to you. To us.

Xo, MM

Certification Weekend

Home Yoga Temecula



We'll begin on May 17th with a regularly scheduled public Mermaid Movement class, and then dive into the methods to the madness right away, with it fresh in our bodies and minds.



On Saturday, we'll gather at Old Town Temecula for a day of collaborative learning.

  • Explore the Strategies

  • Find Your Voice

  • Create Your Class



Obtain certification on Sunday after opportunities to cover any last minute questions and run through your program. Then share what you've learned with the women of MM and celebrate!

Paths to Leadership

Certification Pre-Requisites
Roadmaps to Become a Mermaid Movement Facilitator:

Route One: The Main Road

  1. Complete all four virtual Leadership Academies.

  2. Attend a Certification Weekend Training.

Route Two: The Back Road
  1. Complete the MM Doula Training or equivalent.

  2. Attend Spiritual Summer Camp (2021 or later).

  3. Publish a piece in MM Publication.

  4. Attend 10 hours of Home Yoga classes (offered virtually or in person)

  5. Attend a Certification Weekend Training.

Route Three: Pave Your Own Path

Already have a qualified background?

  1. Apply to override prerequisite coursework by submitting your qualifications.

  2. Review the MM Free Quest.

  3. Attend a Certification Weekend Training.


Get certified for only $544.

Once a path has been chosen and prerequisites have been completed, you will be formally invited to attend. At that point a 50% deposit is due to complete Certification Weekend enrollment.

***Transportation & accommodations are not included.

See Footage from previous Certifications:

Ready to get certified? Choose your path and make your moves!

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