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Wise Woman Doula Training

A Wise Woman Approach to Supporting Women through the Childbearing Year & Beyond

This coursework is designed to prepare women to move towards supporting a post-modern culture in pregnancy and birth. We will share the sacred and the science, the ancient wisdom and traditions that have been lost in the art of Women's Care.



Begin with a Wise Woman foundations module to become familiar with our mission and values here at MM. This includes personal reflection and a well-rounded look at a Wise Woman model of care.


How to Support

Gain tips and tools on how-to support a family using the Wise Woman approach through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, pre-conception, loss and all rites of passage throughout life.


Building Blocks

Being a doula requires more than skills in the birth room. Self care, leadership, and community building support for doulas is included in the training for your personal growth.



Learn the 'her-story' of birth, including how we got to our current culture around birth in the USA. Gain wisdom from the women who have served birth and paved the path before us. 



Knowledge is power.

Save hours of research and content creation by gaining access to credible resources for you & the families you serve to gain informed consent.



Submit your projects from the course assignments & receive a PDF certificate of completion.

Note: There is no regulation for any birth worker or doula certification program.

The Ripple Effect

"Working with women allows us to reach the entire family unit, the entire community. Our 'woman-at-the-center' approach allows our mission to ripple throughout households and lineages."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the doula training start?
A: This program is evergreen, which means you can start whenever you want and move at your own pace. The course app is available via desktop or the Mighty Network app for accessibility from anywhere!
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