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Post-Modern Wellness
for Women

Shifting the Power back to You

The MM Model of Wellness

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Working with women allows us to reach the entire family unit, the entire community. Our 'woman-at-the-center' approach allows our mission to ripple throughout households and lineages.

-Kristen Rud, Founder of MM Women's Wellness


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Explore your Leadership Archetype with our free 60 second self evaluation by tallying up your responses!


Dive into a deeper understanding of self that ripples into your home and community.


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for Modern Magdalenas.


Immerse yourself in the full MM Experience with us for soulful connections - every Summer Solstice in southern CA since 2018.

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Empowering Women with Post-Modern Wellness


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MM Gratitude Program

Our Gratitude Program allows you to exchange Gold Stars for Gratitude Gifts when you get involved. 

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