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MM Internship

Spiritual Summer Camp takes a lot of woman-power! Want to gain experience while co-creating with us to bring the magic to life?  We are accepting 2-4 interns for Spiritual Summer Camp 2024.


The Benefits of MM Internship



Gain Experience

Do you dream of hosting retreats, but don't know where to start? Looking to spice up the Community Service section on your resume? We have hosted 30+ retreats over the last 7 years - let us share the knowledge!


Attend Camp for Free

In exchange for your help, we'll provide you with meals, yurt accommodations and the Camp Kit for free. While you'll be in a supportive role, you'll still get to experience the magic of camp!


Connect Deeper

You'll be working with us for a full season before we arrive at camp, meaning there will be even more opportunities to learn from women in leadership roles, ultimately learning more about yourself as a leader.

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