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Take a Divine Dive in 2024.

You’ve taken hundreds of yoga classes, got reiki attuned, compiled certificates, but you’re still stuck in imposter syndrome.

You’ve read the books about sharing your gifts and showing up as a community leader, you’re doing all the right things, and you have ALL the ideas… but you can’t seem to take action or find the right places to share.

You see yourself hosting retreats and healing experiences. You feel a strong desire to be in connection with others and to facilitate community connection. You have the flow, but you’re missing the funnel.

I know you because I’ve been you.

The Ultimate 2024 MM Bundle

  • Gain access to Monthly Leadership Roundtables - every month on the 11th at 11 am pst.

  • Become a certified MM Doula for all Rites of Passage.

  • Learn the method to Mermaid Movement Experiences- our Movement Medicine modality.

  • Attend Spiritual Summer Camp 2024.

  • Publish your story or creative work in MM Publication.


Why Bundling is Better:

Save over $1200!


Why not you?

With payment plan options available, we've made it possible to put you at the forefront of healing this year. Imagine the ripple effect you can have on the people around you by incorporating this wisdom into your daily rituals, routines, and offerings.

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Jesse St James, CA

I was lost, living out of alignment in so many ways. Trying to force myself into a mold that was never meant for me and beating myself up for being a square peg trying to fit into round hole. Then I found MM.

Make magic.


We are dedicated to empowering women towards a better quality of life by honoring the sacred rites of passage throughout their lives, using post-modern wellness as a guide. You in?

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