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The Wise Woman Quest

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The MM Free Quest is an interactive experience to help you master the little things in life that add up to your lifestyle- the Wise Woman Way. -Get an idea of our core values and beliefs, and a peek into how we uphold our mission through daily dedication and devotion. -Gain access to free education, resources and community during the two week experience by completing the lessons and challenges, and interacting with others who are doing the same in the network. -Add value and inspiration to your life by implementing these ideas and practices into your daily life. -Win prizes for participating and documenting along the way. The three main focuses of the challenge: 1. Learn how to live in alignment with the earth's natural rhythms and cycles. 2. Tap into your natural intuitive abilities that reside within you as Woman. 3. Deepen your understanding of yoga as a lifestyle, not just a practice for exercise and meditation

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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