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MM x Spirit of Ray

2024 Spiritual Summer Camp Official Mālās

The Maiden & The Mother


Root to R I S E with the magic of the Maiden Mālā or turn towards truth through the eye of the Mother Mālā.




Tibetan Dzi Agate

Tibetan DZI agate (pronounced zee agate) is a type of agate that is carved, heated or dyed to create various patterns. Dzi stones, originally made of agate stone, has the power to not only repel things but also store them. The stones can be effectively utilized to block negative energies and absorb ample positive energies.


Canyon Jasper

Canyon Jasper symbolizes protection, healing, and spiritual growth. It has been used across cultures for various purposes, from protective amulets to sacred engravings. It is associated with happy pregnancies, fertility ceremonies, and the Heart Chakra, facilitating our interactions with the world.

and then you choose...

A Mālā or a Japamala is a string of prayer beads used to count mantras, prayers, or
intentions. Mālās can be used to count breaths to remain present and in your body, right now. Mālā is a sanskrit word meaning Garland and Japa means to recite.


Mālā Meditation

Find a comfortable seated position hold your Mālā in between your thumb (Fire) and your middle finger (Ether/Space) of your right hand.

Starting at a bead closest to the Guru bead (the bead above the tassel) you hold that bead and recite your mantra, prayer, or intention. Then touch the next bead, recite your mantra, and so on.

You go around your Mālā 108 times and the last bead you touch is your Guru Bead and that bead represents the inner Guru within you, the inner teacher within you. You have arrived.

You thank yourself for your practice.


Meet the Maker

Also known as Ray, she has been creating Mālās for over a decade. Residing in Reno, NV she is a full time carer for her husband on his end of life journey. Ray uses art as mediation + release through the dark + unknown waters of grief. Your Mālā purchases support her through this rite of passage.

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Pre-order your MM x Spirit of Ray 2024 Mālā!

  1. Choose the Maiden Mālā ($77) or the Mother  ($144).

  2. Pre-order via Venmo directly to the Spirit of Ray. 

  3. lās will be distributed at Spiritual Summer Camp 2024.

Contact Rachael directly if:

  • you need a payment plan

  • you don't have venmo

  • you have questions

  • you can't attend camp but want a limited edition mā

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