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Five blends make up the Goddess Brew to help you call in the goddesses!

Red Rasberry Leaf: The Mother Herb

-reduce inflammation, strengthen immune system

-uterine health, regulate PMS symptoms

-calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron

-vitamin A + C

Tulsi: the Blessing of Lakshmi

-high antioxidants & adaptogen: relieves stress, regulates all body functions

-protects respiratory tract & boosts skin health

-vitamin C, carotene, calcium & phosphorus

Rose: the Essence of Magdalena

-cooling, yet enhances digestive fire

-pacifies heat in blood, balances skin impurities

-used for absence of or irregular menses

-Vitamin C

Nettle: the Sting of Freyja

-inhibits inflammation + allergies

-lowers blood pressure

-regulates blood sugar, supports liver health

-Vitamins A, C, B, + K, calcium. iron, beta-carotene, amino acids

Dandelion Root: the Hope of Brigid

-antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral

-regulate blood sugar, blood pressure & cholesterol, liver health

-contains inulin- a fiber to support healthy gut flora

All MM herbal blends are caffeine free and all organic.

Goddess Brew

  • Herbal orders placed between November 22 and December 8th are expected to ship by December 12th.

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